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Raining = Reading



Lili Taylor and River Phoenix in Dogfight (1991)

This is one of those small adorable moments I love from this movie: Rose can’t stop talking while Eddie is more worried about when to cross the street and them both not being in danger in the middle of the street, it’s so “real” you know xD

I know! That’s why I love this movie so much. When you think about it, there’s no score to set a mood (the music within the scenes themselves adds to the atmosphere - aka Dylan, Joan Baez, Ricky Nelson), no fantastical angles or lighting. It’s just them in the moment, bouncing off of each other.

It all takes place in one night & for most of the movie it’s just them two, and they did so amazingly well.  It’s so underrated in the River Phoenix life story. He helped develop scenes like he did in most of his movies… they shed tears because parts of it touched them, and for a character they say was so different to who River was as a person he had to discover his inner marine lol! I live in hope that someday we’ll get a re-release on DVD, some deleted scenes or extras. Come on Nancy Savoca! Also maybe a little booklet with rare photos, it has one of my favourite River hairstyles, the fringe at the end and very start XD.

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